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Master class program in St. Petersburg

from 12 to 16 June 2019

St. Petersburg residents, as a rule, do not like to talk about work, especially on vacation, so the upcoming master class is positioned not so much as work on improving their photographic level (although this too), as-photo adventures in summer St. Petersburg!

Everyone has long known that in June St. Petersburg from them not to hide on the streets or in the yards, or even more so on the embankments and roofs, so we can only surrender to the excitement and enjoy the apogee of the local movement..

It will not necessarily be a bar or restaurant nightlife on Dumskaya or Rubinstein..

And not only the quiet sadness of sad courtyards and "very St. Petersburg streets" on Vaska or Petrogradka..

And not even the notorious "hell" in the city center in the form of Aprashka and hay..

More accurately, in addition to this still much-much else, on that you have time and forces.

Here it is customary to walk, but if you want, "to gain the spirit of St. Petersburg" can be in public transport, also full of local flavor, and even a glass of tea (if you know the place)!

So if you have managed to be with the camera in this fantastic place and time, you should be ready to meet with different strange entities that inhabit this city.

Put on comfortable shoes and open your eyes-the adventure begins!

1 day. June 12. Wednesday.

We will start our master class with a joint Breakfast, where we will meet and communicate with you in a relaxed atmosphere. Then we go to the first shooting of festive events dedicated to the Day of Russia. Next, a joint dinner, where we will exchange first impressions.

2 Day. June 13. Thursday.

After a short break up, we will meet again in a couple of hours in the epicenter of the city's splendor – the roof, from which Your eyes will forever capture how beautiful the white night and the sunrise are, when all the glory and pride of the Northern capital is around and right in front of you. After the rest we will continue our dialogue on the portfolio review, where we will be able to see the creative level and understand the upcoming tasks for each person. Participants are advised to pre-select and prepare to show their best work in the reportage and genre style (no more than 20 photos-max 15min).

 3-4 days. June 14-15, Friday-Saturday

These days we will go to the thick of the city events, where in the atmosphere of weekends, summer days, we will enjoy the busy street life of Peter these days.

5 Day. June 16. Sunday

The first half of the day-preparation of photos for discussion. Then the viewing of your selected photos, after which all will be given individual recommendations.  After a joint dinner, we will go to admire the stormy "movement" on the waterfront in the white night and finish the evening shooting sunset.

The cost of participation 35,800 rub. For ALL participants past MK very comfortable surprise :)

Advance payment of 20,000 rub.

Includes a practical workshop on photography, advice on the use of the camera (for beginners), transportation costs during MK.

Additional cost  

Transfer to St. Petersburg and back, accommodation (recommend a good hotel), meals, personal expenses.

Application please send to mail