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About the Author

After taking up photography in the year 2000, Alexander Petrosyan realized that, in order to truly understand the world around him, he must first try to capture it through the camera lens, something at which he has continuously succeeded. Petrosyan finds true joy in exploring and portraying his subjects in innovative ways, photographing not only the beautiful but also the grotesque aspects of life.

Working for My District magazine from 2003 to 2008, Petrosyan became a true professional, able to accurately present the three-dimensional with only two dimensions, and to illuminate the infinite levels of his environment in a single photograph.

At present,  Petrosyan is a staff photographer for “Kommersant", where he continues to push the limits of his surroundings, proving that there is something extraordinary about even the most, seemingly, ordinary aspects of life.


Petrosyan's work has been featured in a multitude of acclaimed publications, including, but not limited to: «Newsweek», «National Geographic», «GEO», «Le Monde», «Russian Reporter", "Spark", "Money", “Power“, "Kommersant", "News", "Arguments and Facts", "Komsomolskaya Pravda", and "Business Petersburg".


2020, 2017 - Winner of the St. Petersburg contest of journalists "Golden feather" in the category "Photo of the year".  

2015 - Winner of the international photo contest "Heritage of generations" in the category "Historical heritage".

2014 - Winner of the IV international photo contest.Karl Bulla "Era visible features "in the category "News".

2012, 2009  - The first open national award "Best photographer" - 1st place in the "architecture", 1st and 2nd place in the "Genre.“

2009 - Grand Prix prize fund of photojournalism, as 1st place in the "Daily life", "Nature and the environment," third place "For art and culture."

2008 - Winner of the second All-Russian contest "My City. A look through the lens. "

2007, 2006 - The winner of the St. Petersburg Award "Photographer of the Year" (nominated: photo).

2003 - Medal of Honour (Award of Exellence) in the category "photojournalism" by 25 world competition «Society of New Design» in Syracuse (New York, USA).



In 2011, the trading house “The Bronze Horseman” published a book of Petrosyan's photographs, “St Pete”. In 2016, the publishing "Print Gallery" released second book, "Kunstkamera".